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It's alive!

When I created the very first Itty Bitty Apps web site back in 2009 I had visions of posting regular articles about iOS development and the trials and tribulations of running an iOS consulting company. As it happened, actually running and growing the company meant that the blog section of the Wordpress-backed web site was very seldom updated. I don’t know about you, but I reckon there’s nothing worse than going to a company’s site to see their last post was from two years ago, especially in the mobile arena where things move so fast that posts only a few months old are usually out of date.

Well, here we are in 2013 and Itty Bitty Apps has grown a bunch. Not only do we have some amazing talent on board, but we’re all champing at the bit to share what we know. To that end, we’ve re-booted the company web site as a static S3-hosted site and now, for your reading pleasure, we’re re-booting the blog as an Octopress site hosted on Github Pages.

We’re all really excited about sharing our tips, tricks and learnings, and I expect this blog will become an indispensable resource over time. Expect topics ranging from low level programming tips to insights in to the development and go-to-market of our new iOS developer tool Reveal.

So sit back, turn up the tunes and enjoy.

About Sean

Sean Woodhouse is the director of Itty Bitty Apps, creators of the iOS runtime inspection tool Reveal. You can follow him on twitter @seanwoodhouse